Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome to Heaven !!! Some Eye Candy

Well Gang Back here again with some "EYE CANDY"
By that I mean photos of whats going on around here.
We are now and still a winter Wonderland. Enjoy!
Jen and I.... Winter makes her look better....Me , not so much!
I always hate how I look in photos.
A walk down our road along the cemetery to the Bee Yard.
The dogs love this.
Checking the Hives, I'm standing on about 18-20 inches of snow.
Bailey is adjusting to the snow, reports are that he came from the south before we rescued him.
My Bride
LQQKS like this Northern Life agrees with her.
It's a whole lot colder then this picture makes it look.. Sun is out but wind is blowing.
This is what I awoke to this morning,
I plowed about 8 inches away yesterday and will be back at it soon. Ali still hugging the couch with a cold,sore throat and in general feeling crappy. She has been to the Dr's and just told to ride it out. Sucks for her as this was a week off for her from school and spent the time sick.
I have a Bee thing at Albany College on Saturday .
Sunday after church we will be jarring Honey , Bob , Dom , Jeff & Linda ...It's on it's way
Anybody else interested in honey, contact me at , we will be making a run down state soon.
On the reading side , I am about to start a new book called " Adirondack Justice" ,author Ron Feulner.
Set in the southern Adirondacks of upstate New York, during World War Two, eleven-year-old Mary, and her younger brother, Chief, survive the premature death of their Abenaki mother only to suffer abuses from their white alcoholic father. When they are sent to live with a widowed aunt, it appears they have a good home, but an unplanned pregnancy and two mysterious deaths change that. This colorful character and plot driven novel about rural life in a small Adirondack town before interstate highways opened the mountains to urban America will interest anyone who cares about the human condition. It is set against a backdrop of sawmills, hillside farms, country stores, and one-room schools. It is about two children growing up, but it is not a children's book. The Author, Ron Feulner, a retired school teacher, lives with his wife, Alice, in a small cottage on the southern fringe of the Adirondacks.
I was able to pick up a sign copy of the book last weekend while Jen and I did a little sight seeing in Northville, a small town along side of the Sagandaga Lake. A great little shop called "Adirondack Country Store".
Well I think I have said enough for today... Heading out to do some plowing, temp here 21 degrees and blowing snow, crawl space holding at 47.3. A toasty 73 here inside near the Pellet stove
Until next time gang.........Jerry

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