Thursday, February 26, 2009

Deep thoughts in the morning

The plow is passing by this morning, as we have received "a couple three" inches of fresh powder (Jerry's slang, although I've heard others use it too - never heard it before him. Interesting.) Even so, I spotted a moth on the window shade this morning so that must mean that the dormant insects are coming to life. I purchased a box of Miracle Grow the other day because I'm feeling the need to feed the plant life that is all around the house. All of these things indicate one thing: SPRING! I am not desperately waiting as some of our friends are; I am still enjoying the snow and all that comes with it, but the thought of spring and all that comes with that is rather exciting as well. I guess what I like most is the change of seasons. Allison and I are both enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, and sharing our love of coffees and flavored beverages. This time in the morning is precious to us, we spend a few moments together and just talk about whatever moves us. Sometimes we don't talk at all, which can be a bit uncomfortable for us, but the fact that we can get past that is encouraging to me, whenever that happens. It shows that we can get through the circumstances of menopause and adolesence ocurring at the same time. It also shows that God has a serious sense of humor, and never fails to enjoy it. He's laughing now. Even though my daughters gave and continue to give a real bumpy ride through their teenage years, I would not miss it for a million dollars. There is nothing like a teenage girl to put your world in perspective. They take away all your power and all your rationale. You are reduced to your real self, and forced to use your personal resources like never before. No sense of humor? Get one. Fast. Low self-esteem? You need to toughen up and pull yourself together, or they will eat you alive. Feeling bad about something? You will be hard pressed to find a better friend or a softer shoulder to cry on. They are the best of us, and the worst of us. They are us, reflecting back what we have chosen to reveal to them. It is the most volatile and real relationship you may ever endure and enjoy, and it is worth every tear and every gut-busting belly laugh. These are our daughters and they are the future of our world. They will be teaching the next generation how to love and how to resolve conflict. They will pull from their experiences and use that knowledge to raise their own children, and their daughters will use that knowledge again. It is a massive responsibility, a thankless task, and a love that knows no boundaries or limits. There is no more complicated relationship than Mothers and Daughters. What a trip, eh?
This is the road to Irish Dance Class. At the top of the hill is a barn, where we kill ourselves for two hours on Thursdays. I have gone down this hill sideways, and this is the driveway where I learned the benefits of four-wheel drive. You may not see it in this picture, but it is a long slopey icy path. My driving skills have improved tremendously since we've lived here this winter. I am no longer intimidated by snow or ice (although I do make sure our AAA membership is current). I just get in the car and do it. Otherwise, it will never get done. If you wait till the weather improves, you'll be waiting a long time.
The barn where we dance is cold and sparse, but it gets warm as soon as we start hopping around. It's a great way to exercise, because who can resist a good reel or jig? Hearing all the hard shoes slamming the floor in unison is a thrill. Somewhat like tap dancing, but without all the flash. All the moves come from your legs and feet. They are doing all the work, and your arms and upper body are just along for the ride. It's quite a challenge and I am still struggling with the steps. Allison is not struggling, she is flying. I keep reminding her that I have 36 years on her, and to stop smirking. She just laughs. Well, enough philosphy this morning. Drive safe, have a great day and try to fit in a jig when you can. It helps alot. Jen

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