Friday, February 13, 2009

Caroga Lake Updates

I haven't posted in a couple of days Because I have been searching for material, Jen tells me she only posts when she has something of substance to post......... That's not the case here, I still don't have anything so you might want to click off to something else because I'm going to give you a lot of useless info.....I Have Nothing of substance to report ( Click now cause here it comes!). The weather here has been taking a turn towards spring ever so slightly over the last few days, snow piles have gotten smaller. That being said we had snow yesterday here in Caroga Lake, I t was that sideways snow, first coming from the west then the east and then back to the west, you know the type...... All said and done we have a 1/4 inch dusting on the ground and 20 degrees here with the sun shining . I was able a couple of days ago to walk the dogs out on the pasture as you have seen but now as spring is starting to peek out a little, both the dogs and I are falling through the 12 to 15 inches left which makes it very hard to walk out there. We had company over the last two nights for dinner , Wednesday night it was our friends from Rain Dance Ponds, a Alpaca farm, Rich and Ula ( Hope I spelled that correct ,Ula). Jen made a very nice beef stew in the crock pot and Ali made cheese biscuits like you see at Red Lobster Restaurant. It was a very nice visit and we are looking forward to seeing them again, it was their 1st time here, they live down in Dolgeville which is about 20 miles away from here. Last night Dan ( the Bee Guy) , his wife Jenny and Jenny's brother inlaw Kevin stopped by for dinner and Board games. We ( Jen & I ) made a vegetarian Lasagna using Butternut squash and soy turned out very good, Dan made a pot of vegetarian noodle soup which ended up being very tasty. We played a game called "Catch Phrase" which is a battery operated game. It shows you a phrase and you try and get your team to say the phrase with out you using any of the phrase words as clues. The thing is ticking and time is running down.. you need to get your phrase guessed and pass it on like a hot potato before it stops ticking.. Lot of fun, go get it and try. So for those of you who did not click away............That's all for today Don't forget tomorrow is Valentine's Day and in our case , our Anniversary . Get that last minute stuff done, Make sure to HUG & KISS your mate today and every day. So long Gang from Caroga Lake where the kids are all good looking and are above average in intelligence.. ( I stole that line, See if you can guess from.....Hint...Radio show) Til next time Gang.....Jerry Photobucket See,,,,,, I had nothing and I'm sure you have seen this picture before!

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