Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sun & Snow and...... Ah !!!!, A Dogs Life !!!!

Jake, Me & Bailey out in the pasture getting some play time.
As you can see Bailey is getting some off the lead time.
The snow is about 20 to 24 inches deep under us and every once in a while as they run in the field they fall face first, down into the snow and then reappear like a submarine breaking the surface. Jake showing his age as he does not run as fast and as far as Bailey.
Those of you who know and Love Jake, don't worry he still got a lot left in him!
Here are a couple Pictures of the scenes outside, Sun is Shining ....but if you look close you can see that it is also snowing!
The temperature outside is 28 degrees , crawl space 46.4 degrees.
Here are some of the shows we are watching now a days...."That 70's show" which brings us back to our high school days, Jen and I. If you do catch the show, Look at the clothes, wall hangings and other set dressings, they got it. Very Funny
I hear of another new series (Cop Show) which I believe starts tonight about Detectives who are Human lie detectors which seems interesting.
They do their job by watching your "TELLS"
Involuntary body movements and body posture.
For the life of me I cant recall the name of the show but I think it's called "LIE TO ME !" and it's on around 8 pm... Gotta do some channel surfing and find it.. I don't normally watch these shows and it looked good.
On my reading list is a book called "The Morgue"
By Dennis N. Griffen, A story of an investigation of a Medical Examiners Office in upstate New York.
"The Captain of the Juniper" & "Reflections From the Shield" by Wayne Beyea,
a retired NYS Trooper.
Adirondack Detective series by John Briant also a retired NYS Trooper.
Today is the 1st day in a while that have not plowed snow or shoveled anything...WHooo HOooo!
It's funny , but a mere 400 miles north, I find myself searching the internet on topics like, Ice dam's forming on the roof , ordering roof rakes and making time to rake the snow off of my cabin and garage. I have used our snow blower on the front porch at least four times since we started to build it , no roof yet as its been to cold to do any further work.
Til Next Time gang...Jerry
PS. I found the show, Here it is
LIE TO ME Wed night 9 pm Eastern FOX NETWORK (working title) LINK http://www.fox.com/lietome/

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