Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January Dreaming

It's always hard to get back to school/work after a three day weekend. So Allison's journey this morning was bumpy and rough. It is hard to get on that bus when the stars are still out. I was out walking Bailey and again was amazed at the beautiful sky above us. It takes your breath away. Or maybe it was the -3 temp that took my breath away. Bailey does his thing and we head back in pretty quick. He's becoming used to the routine. He did sleep on the couch last night. But he makes an appearance during the night from time to time and just whines at my side of the bed. Jerry got up at some point to use the bathroom, and he said Bailey jumped into his spot while he was away. Quick. I slept through it. It is definitely a process. We're hoping to get together with Richard and Ulla of Rain Dance Pond. Their Alpacas are absolutely beautiful and I am feeling the need to talk about livestock. It's a good winter activity - reminds you that yes, spring will come eventually. When I look back at the past six months, I am amazed at how quickly they have gone. I am confident that the next six will pass just as quickly, and I want to be ready. I have barn envy.
These are just random pictures off the internet but they reflect the type of barn we are hoping to eventually build. The alpacas are also random strangers, but those are who we want to fill our barn with. These are the dreams that are filling my head this cold January day. I just have to look at these pictures and I feel a sense of purpose and optimism. At some point, I think we'll head down to Dan the Amish guy and see what he has to say about barn building. Sounds like another road trip.

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