Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It gets harder and harder to write the blog each day when all we are doing is hunkering down and spending another day staying warm. It's actually not ALL we are doing, but the things we are doing seem so petty and uninteresting. Maybe that's just us. Petty and uninteresting. Could be.
Jerry started his stained glass class tonight. I am here alone with the dogs because Allison is at a sleepover in Johnstown. There are regents tests this week, none of which apply to Allie, so she has a few days off. How nice for us all. I hear the bus go blowing by in the morning, and am happy that he is not stopping at our house. It seems that time of year when each day is just filled with monotonous chores and appointments. Nothing new happening, just boring obligations. There is a new pair of socks on the sticks, and I am in love with the yarn, which is nothing that I spun. Shamefully, I am spinning store-bought yarn, and loving it. These are called "women's hunting socks" and although I may not be hunting, warm feet applies to all women. These beauties fit the bill. I am watching the PBS Bob Ross series "Joy of Painting" and am reminded of the naps that I took when my kids were young. After I put the kids down for a nap in the afternoon, I would turn on Bob Ross "Joy of Painting" and would be passed out on the couch in 30 seconds flat. I did retain some of his tips, because I do enjoy painting now, but he still makes me sleepy. His voice is just so restful and soft. I always figured how hard could it be? Have you seen Picasso's paintings? Now I'm no expert but really, was he kidding? I'm not a big fan of modern art - give me plein air any day. At least there is some recognition there. Anyway, I figure if Jerry is going to be stained glassing, I need to pick up the pace on my craft projects. We are competitive in all that we do. It keeps us motivated and productive. Nicole's Veil head arrived in the mail today, and so tomorrow is V Day-Veil Day. I can't wait to finally put all these pieces into place. So these days it's the craft wars. It's keeps us busy.

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