Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Morning. It's 5 below and we're toasty warm. I woke up at 6:00 AM with Bailey at my side, and we took a quick walk around the yard. Thank God for down coats. Bailey is turning out to be a real gem. It's always a crapshoot to bring a new animal into the mix, and we've had our share of losers. I firmly believe that it is worth the try to bring a dog into the house. If it doesn't work out, at least you tried, and at least they had a better experience for a few days than sitting in the shelter and waiting for someone. But this time, I think we may have beaten the odds and brought home a winner. He couldn't be more polite and loving. Daphne has a little chip on her shoulder, as she always does when someone new comes into the picture. She has just learned to tolerate us, no less the other dogs. She is sitting everywhere the Bailey has sat, with the look on her face like "what? I always sit here." It is a pitiful territory thing that will wear off eventually. And the best part is that Bailey could care less. He has the same 'whatever" attitude that Jake has, which makes them perfect companions for Daphne. She can rule the world for all they care. And she will.
Today is Walter's 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday my man. Enjoy your day. We're off to the vet again, for Daphne's visit to bring her up to date. The new vet seems to be a real winner too. We kind of lucked out because all the vets we have heard of have had issues with one person or another, and this one seems to have been under the radar. He was thorough and the staff was great. Any vet who has his home number hanging on the door in case of an emergency is my kind of vet. I wonder if he treats Alpacas? I'll have to ask. I am feeling more and more ready to take on the zoning board for livestock permission. I know the community a little better than I did when we first applied, and I'm a little better informed about the "right to farm" laws that exist in New York. So, it is something we would like to take on before the spring begins. When will that be - July? The way winter is going, it may be. Stay warm. Stay inside if you can. Pick up a good book and get another cup of Joe. Isn't that what retirement is all about - the chance to do that on occasion?

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