Monday, January 26, 2009

Caroga Lake

Jen and Ali made the trip down to Long Island on Friday and returned last night , Sunday. I spent the weekend here with the dogs . Dan and I made it over to West Caroga Lake and visit with some Ice Fisherman. We walked out onto the ice about 300 feet out, about 3 inches or more of snow on top ice , I hear the ice is about 2 feet thick now. Let me tell you this sport has to be the coldest sport that I have ever witnessed. There are some fishing shacks on the lake all the time and some tent like shacks that appear are removed after fishing. We walked up to 4 or 5 people by one of these tents and they are outside of the tent shacks fishing. the wind was blowing about 25 to 30 miles an hour and blowing snow across the lake. I'm thinking it's some where in the neighborhood of 25 below wind chill. "Tie a string on the turtle!!!!!!" These guys are dresses that they are some place inside of the Arctic circle and I know why. They had been there for a few hours and had No Fish. most of them are holding onto their beverage with both hands and very proudly telling us it's to keep the beverage from freezing. Tables set up for food and I think I saw a lone hot dog roll across the table being pushed by the wind. Dan and I did not stay long and headed back that 300ft to shore. As we walked I thought,..... Them must be some good tasting fish that keeps them out there and fishing! I going to try it, but looking for a day in the 30's with no wind.......Maybe I will find one of those guys with the wooded fishing shacks and heat inside. I'm off to do some more insulating in the basement filling in all the little spots, nooks and crannies to keep the cold out. Tonight is the bee club meeting and a guest speaker from Long Island about bee sting therapy. Til next time Gang.....Jerry

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