Tuesday, January 6, 2009

cabin fever - sorta

Here we are again today, watching the snow, enjoying Brian's company and waving goodbye to Allison at the crack of dawn. She has been back to school for two days, and one of them has had a two hour delay. Tomorrow's forecast is for tons of snow (no way!) and lots of freezing rain, beginning at midnight. So, we may be two for three. Allison is counting for sure. In the beginning of the school year she was sure that the long island students were getting all the days off as Rosh Hoshana and Yom Kippur were not days off here. But since winter hit in October, she has changed her tune. Almost once a week it has been either a school closure or a two hour delay. It's working out beautifully. Of course she doesn't realize that this may mean she is attending school until July 15th, but whatever. . . Only kidding Allie, July 10th maybe. ha ha. The cold weather has not stopped the porch guys. They are here working through rain and sleet, almost as regular as the post office, which is not regular at all. We have eliminated alot of junk mail since we moved here. Are they not sending it to the boon docks, or has the post office decided that they're not delivering it? I'm not sure about that either. The tree is over the bank, the holidays are over, and the stores are full of Valentine's decorations. They didn't miss a beat. We still have lights in our bay window, and probably will until spring. Jerry and I like the festivity of lights on a dark and cold winter night. It just looks pretty. We will probably turn into one of those houses that has their christmas decorations up all year, and really, what difference does it make? Once you've placed a toilet seat on your front lawn, where can you go but up? I'm going to venture out today and do SOMETHING, because you cannot blog if you don't have a life. I got the community college brochure in the mail the other day, and ballroom dancing jumped out at me. Of course, you need a partner for that and I haven't spoken up about this possibility. Jerry starts his stained glass class at the end of January and Allison and I are off to Irish dance classes, so we may be too busy, but it's still open for negotiation. It's good exercise and we could definitely learn a few steps for Nicole and Mike's wedding. Then again, there is always the pound. That is open until three, so we could just take a ride. . . you never know. I'm starting to really enjoy the options of retirement. We are in for a busy day.

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Jerry es un santo