Friday, January 16, 2009


It's a little cold out there. I'm watching the news about the flight that crash landed in the Hudson, and I'm so happy that everyone got out OK. Wow. We are news junkies here. I hate to admit it, but the television is our friend. I never used to be too tuned into TV. There were a few shows that I watched routinely, but other than the morning news, I didn't turn on too often. Now, the TV is important. It gives us the school news in the AM, and the rest of the day it is either a movie, DIY or the news. We are making sure we get out a little each day. Yesterday, Jerry strapped on the snow shoes and took the boys out for a bit. He was not out there too long, smart fellow. But the dogs got a little exercise drift hopping and were happier for it. I'm still nursing my cold, and stayed in with Daphne. She was recuperating from her vet visit and will have to go back next week for some serious dental work. She is not aging as gracefully as she would have liked. We thought that maybe her moody personality issues are a result of painful teeth. Who knows? We'll find out next week. They don't do dentures for dogs, so her diet may change a little too. This could help with the weight reduction program she is following. So mostly, things are just rolling along. I can report that Allison is wearing a coat, AND gloves. It's amazing how your brains kick in when it gets really cold. Write us when you can. We love to hear from you all. What's your news?

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