Monday, January 19, 2009

As I Said, One Dog On The Bed

Now that Daphne is sleeping on the couch, Bailey is quite comfortable at the bottom of the bed. That was saturday night. I went to sleep with Daphne in her usual spot, and woke up with Bailey stretched out across the bottom. I couldn't find Daphne until I went into the living room, and there she was. Huddled on the couch like a refugee. It was kind of sad. I never heard a thing, which kind of surprised me. However this exchange transpired, it was quiet and quick. I'm generally a light sleeper and can hear the dogs whenever they bark or growl, but this went down uneventfully. Daphne spent the rest of the day with her ears planted straight back, a sure sign that she was not happy. But Sunday morning was not the final word. We spent last night with Dan and Jennie having dinner and playing scrabble. The dogs were all fine and are interacting with each other very nicely. Jake is even grooming Bailey's ears, which he used to do with Conan. That is true love, when you're willing to lick the other's ears. Inside. Ugh. When I went into bed last night at 11:30 (Go Jen!) I brought Daphne with me and placed her in her usual spot. This gave her the advantage of height which she is sorely missing when she stands on her own four feet. With this advantage, she rushed the side of the bed and snapped at Bailey when he attempted to come up on the bed. He left the room and I let him go. When I awoke this morning, his tail was sticking out from UNDER the bed, which is where he had spent the night. Go Daphne. The Alpha Dog Wars will continue I'm sure. This is an ongoing battle that will change daily. Just like people, dogs are constantly jockeying for position and for the last word. You wouldn't think a dog would hold a grudge, but ours do. They may seem to have given in, or given up, but that is simply not so. They are just waiting for an opportunity to press their advantage and win again. As it stands right now, this is Team Mutt and Jeff:

For the moment, Bailey is going it alone. I think he is a worthy opponent. He has a core of stubborn that will serve him well. Almost as obstinate as Daphne. Almost. When he wants something, he is single minded in his pursuit. Like a bull-moose, he will just lean into you until you have to move, or fall. We shall see. It's entertaining for us. It reminds me of dealing with a teenager, except that the outcome is not nearly as important. Training a dog is worthy, but the training of a child is a lifelong commitment and ongoing battle. Which brings me to the next photo:

Obviously, this child's Mother is freaking out somewhere. Look at EVERYONE ELSE in the picture. Dressed for the cold, appropriately covered with gloves, mittens and hats. And the child in the center? I would guess her age to be approximately. . . 14? I feel like I know this child. And the picture? It made me bizarrly happy. I was thrilled to see that I was not the only parent failing "Appropriate Outerwear 101". The fact that a photo of this failure would appear on the internet for all the world made me feel pity for her Mother, and a sense of solidarity for Mothers all over the world whose last words in the morning aren't "I Love You, Have a Good Day", but "Put your freaking coat on, it's freezing outside". This is not the interaction I dreamed of when I dreamed of having children. But it is the most repeated conversation I can remember. It started when Jackie was two and has continued through all the kids. I'm not proud of my morning interactions, but I do what I have to do. Like Daphne and Bailey, I too can be obstinate and I will continue to lean like a bull-moose until I win. Allison, put your coat on.
Our weekend included observing the Caroga Lake Fish and Game Club Fishing Derby from the warmth of Jerry's truck. We took a ride up to the lake and found a few hearty souls out there on the lake ice fishing. Jerry got out to look and take pictures. I was not dressed appropriately (ha ha busted!) for ice fishing, but I will be back for sure. This is something I need to try.
We stopped back at the Fish and Game Club and joined up. They have a wonderful outdoor shooting range, and Jerry will enjoy having an opportunity to bone up on his black powder skills. There is a monthly competitive shoot at the club, and it keeps everyone out and about during the winter. They are big on fishing and archery and also have lots of family activities, so it seemed like a good thing to join. All in all, it was a great weekend. Stay tuned. We'll see who gets the bottom of the bed tonight. As long as I get the top, I'm not too vested in the outcome.

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