Friday, January 16, 2009

-14.6 °F..... COLD COLD

Well Gang!!!!!! As Jen said BURRRRRRRRR Photobucket
House is toasty but we did get two frozen pipes......., not in the crawl space (41.9 degrees), it was a set of pipes in the basement which feed Ali's bathroom.
I was able to shut them off and isolate , they are in an area near an exterior wall in the main basement, just goes to show you that a draft near a pipe can cause problems.
Contractor on his way up, I don't believe any damage will be done during the repair, I guess I will be doing a little insulating today after the repair.
It's a learning thing , keeping everything going and pipes warm... next spring some other changes coming and more insulation here and there.
I guess if it never got this cold again the pipes that have been working would not have froze.
But I like to plan for the worst case and fix so that we can tolerate -40 !
Cars are also a little hard to start after a night of such cold weather, going to do a little research on block warmers.
Dan & Jenny coming up from Johnstown for dinner and a movie, here in the cabin tonight.
We saw in the local movies "Ben Buttons" last weekend , it was very good but too long, needed 15 Min's edited off.
On another note ,I watch / read the daily blog (and video's) from Christy's Motel in Old Forge...It's starting to look good! Here is the link and let us know what you think.
Til next time Gang........ Jerry

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