Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Removal

Well another day of snow removal....Seems that every day for last few days I am doing snow removal. Last night we got another inch or so. I have the plow on the truck always now. Jen helped me hook it up which is reported now to only take 2 Min's because of new innovations in plows....A Fisher plow... Not so much! Took Jen and I every bit of 20 Min's with me pushing and pulling to get the plow and truck lined up. Spoke to Walter and when he comes up going to give me a class on how to do it . Just doing something wrong. Not sure if how the plow is left when I disconnect it or that ground not level...Just not sure. For now it's staying on. Cleaning up with the snow blower and shovel. We also have to shovel the back deck too as last year while not living here we almost lost the second floor deck because snow falling from the sky and snow falling off the roof caused a frozen pile on the deck that I could not remove. Now I shovel everyday. We had to get the economy plow as I am retired now, Here is sales man giving me a demonstration of the one we bought. Snowplow Pictures, Images and Photos Good on Gas but the seat can get a little cold!!!!! Contractor was here yesterday after a week of no work by him... His worker just disappeared and could not find him. That left us with no one to take care of the projects that I am looking to get done by the time our Christmas guests arrive. Ali's room almost done, her bathroom finished and now full of stuff from her room so that painting can take place in her bedroom. Started to remove some lighting fixtures and as is the norm, no electrical boxes, just wires coming thru the Sheetrock and damaged Sheetrock behind fixture.. Contractor needs to fix and some taping to be done which is holding up painting. We also decided that we are not sanding the sheet rock but using a sponge....,less dust which is into everything.. The shop vacuum has been running non stop here with every item we move in her room. The carpet in her room I ripped up and guess what? I found some flooring that also needs repair or attention, nothing new I guess. Once we finish this project it will be a new house! Soon a front porch going on and as I said we have that permit in hand. Going to be tough getting thru snow and frozen ground. Jen out for P.T. and driving herself, she is doing good. Dan and I unable to take any Honey from the hives this year but able to buy bulk honey last week from a commercial bee keeper who operates out of town further west and north( Near Aunt Debbie) This guy runs over two thousand Hives and moves his bees by truck all over the country. Most of his bee's down south now and as the say "Wintering over down south". Less trouble with bears. Photobucket Getting ready to jar that honey any day now, Let me know who's looking for some. Was not as cool last night was few degrees about zero and crawl space stayed at about 45 the low.

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Anonymous said...

You need HHH - invite him up for the holidays - New Years to Christmas.......those projects will get done and the boys will have a great vacation !!!!!