Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NewYears Eve Morning snow fall

We are getting a little snow here this morning ,I think we have about 10 inches at 8 AM,

The temp is 18 outside and Toasty here inside! Ali's been down on Long Island for the last few days so Jen and I have been on the the Go, The other Night we hit the movies in Johnstown, Marley & Me. Both Jen and I had read the book and loved it, I recommend seeing the movie too.

Last Night we ventured into Albany, New York With Dan and Jenny, Hit a very large health food store and then a Japanese Hibachi restaurant. All though they had the tables that you sit in front of the chef cooking, the wait was too long so we took a normal restaurant table and served right away. The food was great , Jen loves the ginger that they serve on the salads. Seems that we can never finish the portions that they are serving.

Tonight ,New Years Eve , the lake community house / hall at East Caroga Lake are having a get together and we are attending,it's a bring a covered dish deal. We plan on making Stuffed Cabbage if we can get out this morning to get the makings. We will see! Looking at the snow I'm not sure that its going to happen at the lake tonight.

Jen took a spill a couple of days ago on the ice and landed on her tail bone, healing with each passing day. We are still working out the kinks of walking out to the mail box which is road side. Thinking about training the dogs to earn their keep and have them take over the job.

Til next time...Jerry

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