Monday, December 15, 2008

New Front Porch

We have started the new front porch the other day, the cement footings set 4 ft down. Today we are starting the deck portion, laying in the floor beams. The front porch will be 40ft long by 10ft from house out. Soon as we have something to show you I will post some photo's Yesterday Jen and I along with our church did some Christmas caroling at 8 to 10 places, assisting living , private homes and nursing homes. The Group ,I think was about 50 people and we all drove our cars through out Johnstown and Gloversville to the pre-picked locations . I had never done Caroling before that I can recall , it was fun , my singing could use a little work.......Maybe a lot of work!!!! I think people wished I was singing Silent Night for real!! As you all Know Jen's a great singer so I stood very near her and she carried me. We did this for about 2 hrs, then all of us returned to the Church Rectory for Food, drink and a few laughs. Seems I was not the "Only" singer that needed some lessons as I heard a few other singers getting ribbed too. Dan the "Bee Guy" was there too, he does not even go to our church but he heard that there was going to be some "GOOD EATS" so he came along. I'm hearing thru the grape vine that Dan is thinking about becoming a member of our church,We will see! I had some Great food to eat, we had way more then was needed, I made my 12-14 Lbs lasagna and from what I heard it was well received or it could be that Jen has been Telling everyone that it is so good they had no other choice but to say it was great! NaaaaH was great. I think there was two turkeys severed, a couple other pasta dishes,some salads,casseroles and other dishes that I just plain missed. Desserts all over the place, I had 2 Brownies and passed on all the rest. I drank some Mull that was served warm, It's one of my new warm winter drinks. Jen did not drink any Mull but did get to smell it as it is very aromatic, I think she liked the smell and would have liked the taste. Next Saturday the Church youth group and any others from the church who wish to participate are coming up to our place and pick a Christmas tree from our property, the tree then will be placed inside of the church on Sunday and decorated after the 10 am mass. Jen and I are so happy that we are able to provide a tree. We are planning to have a camp fire, some hot chocolate and serving some spaghetti. We hope to see a good turn out to do some tree hunting.

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