Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Front Porch Photos

New front porch going on.
It gives a whole new feeling to the front of the house and a Better Curb Appeal.

Those columns are 6 x6's and they will be holding up the porch roof when it is installed. At some point in the spring the posts will be removed and Logs will be replacing the posts.

P.s That Bay Window next to the front door belonged to Jeff & Linda M. From P.W.. They removed it and put in something else......It was just the right window for us and we love it.

The 2nd floor window above is Ali's new bedroom window, All the painting has been completed in Ali's room and just waiting for the new carpet to arrive sometime after the holidays.

Weather reports that sometime late tonight we can expect a snow fall...Reports are 5-8 inches or 8-11 inches..... We will see.

Until next time gang....Jerry

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