Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Christmas Cheer

There are two days until Christmas and I am so behind, it feels like I'm ahead. It is zero degrees outside (45 in the crawlspace) and still snowing. Who would believe that that type of weather would become boring news. Sorry. It never ceases to amaze me. I spent yesterday shopping. Locally of course. I realized that I miss terribly shopping for little girls Christmas dresses. I spent a little time in the young girl's department, and just looked at the taffetas, plaids, velvets and tulle. It made me a little sad, and probably a little pathetic looking. I miss the years when the search for the perfect Christmas Dress for the girls was something I spent alot of time on. We started shopping in October or November, either for a dress, or for a pattern and fabric to make it. Both of them had their own styles and opinions. I have favorite memories for each of them, and they probably both hated the dress that was my favorite. That's how it goes I guess. I realized yesterday that these childhood rituals are what makes Christmas so special, and when the children are babies no more, it gets to be a tough holiday. Which explains why I've left the shopping until December 22nd. Brilliant move Jen. Bravo. I'll have to remember next year that this plan really sucked. Nothing changes the joy of Christmas on Christmas eve, but the sense of mission in the stores is missing. I guess I need a small child that I can dress without their telling me that it is not acceptable and they're not wearing it. Which is why I keep going to Petfinder.com. (Don't worry girls-you're safe!) I have heard that due to the economy many people are turning their pets into shelters because they are unable to care for them. That must be a heartbreaking situation. I am cruising for a small addition to our family, because we simply don't fit in the car anymore. But a 5-10 pound addition is lap-worthy, and probably would work out fine. A dog who would wear what I want without an argument. I just always feel at this time of year that if we have, we should share. And so, I am looking to share with a small canine friend. If I think too long on this, crazy is the word that comes to mind. But I try to think mostly of the dogs in the shelters, and it just seems like they need a place to go. So, that is part of my Christmas shopping. Shelters and pounds. Once Jerry reads this blog, we'll be having that reality conversation. Who knows? Maybe he feels the same way. Ya think? Attached are pictures of the youth group Christmas Tree hunt. Of course, the boys bailed, and the girls came through. Except for my guy Jerry. Did I tell you he is a hero? The tree is up in the church and is about 12-15 feet high. Now that's a ceiling! It's the most wonderful time of the year. . .
Not a Christmas dress among them, and I still think they're adorable. The guy who did all the backbreaking work is lurking in the back. Loading the tree into the truck. What a beauty! The tree I mean. The decorating crew. Notice the tree is right next to the radiator. These are pioneers! Not a neurotic one among the bunch (about trees anyway.) I'm thinking we may go with a live tree. We haven't cut one down for our house yet, so how dry could it be? Look at me - what a daredevil I've become. A Live Tree! What's next, flying to Florida? If it keeps snowing like this, we may just do that. Have a great day!

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