Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just call me Grace

I don't recall. Well, Jerry is still plowing the neighborhood. I took Daphne outside because she was a little late getting up this morning. It's hard to get out of bed when it's snowing. I feel her pain. She went down the plank sideways, because the grips are a little further apart than her legs. Once she was down she was fine, because her body is four inches from the ground. She can't fall, because she is already down there. Jake and I were another story. He went down and so did I. Not down the plank, down to the ground. OUCH! The ice under the snow is thick and slippery. The new snow is powdery, with a little icy crust on top. I fell forward and I don't think I injured my shoulder, but it is a little sore. My glasses however, were hanging on a chain around my neck. They are now a little sideways and crooked. No biggie. I have cheaters all over the house and should be fine. There is a two hour delay in Johnstown, no schedule change in Wheelerville. Hence, our bus was here this morning at 6:30. We were not, so he passed us by and will not be back. This is the rub here in Caroga Lake. The bus does not always match the school program. Oh well, Jerry is plowing the world, so he should be able to get Allison down to Johnstown with no problem at 9:45. I think I see a knitting/spinning day ahead of me. Thank God I bought all that junk food last week. We're good to go!

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