Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another day of Snow!!

Here are some early morning hour photos
Well Gang another day of snow, so far about 3 inches, a frozen rain type snow on top and light and fluffy under.
I plowed the driveway this morning and my neighbors, Rogers driveway too
Roger owns the local Caroga Lake Pizza-ice cream- restaurant. Roger has a plow and did our driveway last year for us while we did not live here full time. Roger leaves early and I have taken it on to do a little of his driveway so his family can get out...Sort of paying forward.
There is an older couple down the road too and after this post I will be doing there driveway too.
Makes us feel good and another "Paying Forward"
Crawl space 47.6 and outside 28 ( Having a heat wave.....LOL)
Til Next time Gang, Jerry

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