Monday, December 1, 2008

Amish Traffic

The possibility of taking out an Amish family on an icy and dark back road gives new meaning to defensive driving. That is the condition that we came home to last night, as a result of "police activity" at our exit. We were forced to continue past our exit (28) on the NYS Thruway, and go on to Exit 29 - Canojaharie. We then jumped onto Route 10 North, which takes us right to the north end of North Bush Road. But getting there was harrowing. 7:00 PM on a Sunday night is apparently the hour where the Amish wrap up whatever visiting is happening, and get on the road in their buggies. There is a 10 mile stretch of road that goes right through the villages of Palatine and Ephratah. Heading north on Route 10, the freezing rain turned into frozen slush on the road. There are no street lights, and that stretch is also windy and hilly. It goes through the farmland of the Amish community. On a clear fall day it is picturesque and beautiful. Last night, it was treacherous. The buggies do have lights, although we debated how they are powered. Battery? Wheel driven like a bicycle? We're not sure, but it is a question for Noah when we see him. At any rate, it was a brutal trip and Jerry, as usual, was calm and competent. I had my heart in my mouth every time we passed around the buggies. I have to change my mindset as we get closer and closer to home, because it is a different world. Allison and I counted seven. SEVEN! That's alot of buggies to pass on a freezing and treacherous night. Jerry pointed out that if Sunday night is the only night you get to socialize, you probably wouldn't let a little freezing rain stop you. I have to agree there. Then again, I bailed out on the Holiday Parade last week because it was too damn cold. And I had a heated car to get me there! It all brought to mind the song "Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's House we go". We did go to Grandmother's house for Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful. We had such a beautiful holiday with Jerry's Family. Me, Jeannie and Mom, at the table. Rosa is now known as Daphne's grandma. The bonding was fun to see. It was love at first sight, on both sides. The first two nights Daphne bunked in with Mom. Jake had a little more loyalty and stayed with us. After that she came back in to her old spot. I think she was fearful that we might leave without her. That would have been OK with Mom, but we are too attached. They sure did get alot of attention from the girls though.
Dinner was incredible. Nothing like thanksgiving for a well balanced binge. It was perfect. We all kind of felt like this -
We traveled on to long Island to see Clint and Joanne's newest addition, Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy is the cutest little guy. He is very fluffy and bouncy and happy. What's not to love? He's five pounds of fluff! It was great to see everyone, even for a drive-by. The turkey there was incredible too! I LOVE TURKEY SANDWICHES!
So, however you spent your holiday, and whatever kind of traffic you experienced, it was worth it don't you think?

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