Thursday, October 16, 2008

tree stand

Photobucket Here is photos of the tree stand that Jen bought from me a few years ago, it's set up on our property . Below photo is the Pickup that replaced the Jeep Wrangler. Parked near our Bee Yard. If you look towards the front of the truck you can see the hives. Bought it used in Aug. and before 3k miles the tranny had to be replace by the dealer. Dealership was good about it, gave me a loaner and replaced tranny , took about 2 weeks. I was coming back from Long Island with Ali on a sunday night at about 9 PM and just got onto 87 at exit 17 and tranny failed. AAA towed us to Newburg Chevy dealer at exit 17 and Jen drove down the approx 120 miles to come get us. We then truned around and drove back to the house in Caroga Lake. It was a long day!

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