Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let it Snow..Let It Snow..Let It Snow!!

Animated GIF snow falling Pictures, Images and Photos Well we are waiting for our 1st snowfall of any substance to arrive today or tonight. They say it's easier to see the deer in the snow! Can You Find the deer in the Below photo??? You need a good eye. sometimes they like to hide Snow deer!  3/7/08 The snow around here can get a little deep too snow deer Pictures, Images and Photos We are about all set for the snow if it comes, new snowplow for the truck and a new/used snow blower donated by mom from P.A. 3 gals of milk laid in incase snow gets too deep and we dont feel like running out. The new Honda Generator with Key start is perched and ready to go but not hard wired into the house if the power goes out6500 Honda Generator Pictures, Images and Photos We will come up with something using extention cords to keep warm. For those of you who have not been here in the winter , this is what the house looke like last year in the snowPhotobucket We are having fun and hoping to see family and Friends up soon! I Get Soo Excited when company comes down our road, sometimes I run out to greet them Photobucket Laughing Out Load!!! Jen took a picture of me Laughing at my own jokes as I was typing this Blog! PhotobucketTil Next time Gang......... "Having the Times of our Lives!"

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