Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jerry's View

Thinking about Getting some kayaks soon...Guys in the office, now I am sorry that I let those kayaks slip thru my fingers! The above is a picture that Jen did not post which I think also needs to be posted. If you click on the picture and Jen's pictures they enlarge for you enjoyment! We had a great weekend with Walter and Sal, They did a good amount of 4 wheeling and left here with plenty of Adirondack mud on the 4 wheelers. Come back soon guys! The bees did not do so well this year, too much rain and late start for the new bees that had to replace what I lost due to the bears. I have been doing a lot of scouting for deer as opening day is this sat. for rifle in the Northern Zone. Have a few spots located, I did get the tree stand that Jen got for me as a gift ( Thanks Dean) up and is all set to bring down a deer ( bucks only during regular season) Plenty of does around but yet to have seen a Buck. Brian is coming up friday and we will do some further scouting and head out early sat. morning...Good Luck Brian! I will take some photo's and I hope that I am able to include a Buck in the Photo. Black powder season opened last sat. but I was not able to get out for it, been talkin to my neighbors who are black powder hunters and nothing yet. Life here is GREAT and It appears that it suits Jen well,Ali and Me too! We picked up a Honda generator the other day and are close to being set for the up coming winter, leaves are mostly turned and off the trees here, weather has been cool over nite and back up to the high 60's and low 70's during the day, we have had our 1st frost! Later.....Jerry "Having the times of our Lives!"

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