Saturday, September 20, 2008

We have spent the day gloriously junk shopping. It's not junk to us, but at one point it was someone elses junk, and they decided to move it along. We are all cut from the same cloth. Katie, Jackie, Allie and I. We love a bargain, and the thrill of the chase is half the fun of the successful purchase. We are all antique buffs, and appreciators of the odd. Here in Fulton County, there are a plethora of antique shops and today, we made a huge dent in alot of them. Quite satisfied with our purchases and arrangelments made for tomorrows pick-ups, we will spend this evening enjoying each other's company and sampling the Sangria so artfully created by Jacqueline. This is a fun weekend. Blue has been raised by a hard-core shopper. He understands the necessity of behaving during these sojournes, and completely cooperates. He was happy to accompany us, and completely at ease sleeping in Allison's arms. It was a long day for him, and he was a trooper. As well he should be. Since he slept in the car yesterday during the trip up from Long Island, he was quite awake and alert during last night's "normal" sleeping hours. He spent the night visiting us all. At one point, he drove Daphne from our bed (I couldn't help but cheer him on as she is unfailingly cruel to Jake - it felt so right to see her get a dose of her own medicine. She actually went over to Jake in his bed on the floor and slept next to him. They now have a common enemy - Blue. Jake is not really his enemy, but doesn't spend alot of time trying to bond with the little dogs. He is curiously detached, and perfectly happy to let them rule the roost. As long as he is eventually fed, he doesn't care who eats first. He understands that he doesn't fit on our bed, and accepts that he is expected to sleep through the night on the floor. . There is a common acceptance of the pecking order here, and Blue has disrupted that understanding. It's fun to watch. He is completely confident that everyone is as curious and open as he is, and never expects anything but total friendly acceptance. That is a risky attitude for a dog who weighs 6 pounds. So far he has never run into anything but, however, one day that may be a dangerous encounter if he meets another dog with attitude. Thankfully, we have not had to witness such a meeting. He is a good guy.

The weekend continued with the glow of family and good times. We always have a "story" to tell after we are together, and this time it was the dead dog in the middle of the road. Actually, he was not dead, but napping. We came up North Bush Road after picking up a piece of furniture fromthe Carousel shop, and there in the middle of the road just before our house was a dog who looked, for all intents and purposes, dead. He was a black lab, and although I knew immediately it was NOT Jake, the girls were terrified for a few moments. Like a well oiled machine, we parked the car, jumped out and simultaneously took off for the dog, and the house right there. Jerry went for the dog, as he would be more helpful in an emergency rescue situation, and I went straight for our neighbor Roger's house. It was his dog and I wanted to alert them as soon as possible. As I approached the porch, Roger's son came out and said "he's not dead is he?" Of course, I started to cry. The girls in their car were already crying, thinking it was Jake. It was a rough moment. Then the dog got up. Jerry had called to him and he woke up. He was simply napping in the middle of the road. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! This guy is laid back. Can you imagine just laying down where you stand when you're tired and taking a nap? Incredible. Apparently he does that all the time. He's 17, and he's tired.

So, our weekend was eventful, and wonderful, and the girls have gone home. Jackie and Katie were perfect guests, as always, and we can't wait until they come back. Again and again and again!

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