Thursday, September 4, 2008

Not much to say

It's only Thursday, and we're exhausted today. The first day of school took alot out of us. Allison is fine, but we're really tired. The bus trip home was not as successful, it left without her. So, the first "I missed the bus" trip was made at 2:30. Not a good way to start. We try again today. The routine of September is comforting in many ways. I see that I will have time to get to spinning, and I look forward to it. Our days start early, and they don't stop. We were able to get alot of electrical stuff done yesterday. New spots in the kitchen and re-adjustment of the chandelier. These are chores that have been hanging over us, literally, for awhile. It's nice to sit down and not get clunked in the head by a ill-hung chandelier. Progress is a good thing. so says Martha Stewart. More later - have a good day.

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