Thursday, September 25, 2008

More thoughts on PT

If you live in the local area (Johnstown, Gloversville, Caroga, etc.) and want to hear the latest gossip, er, I mean information, you just need to hang in the pool at Physical Therapy for 45 minutes or so. That is how long it takes me to exercise my shoulder, and in that length of time I can be brought up to speed on who has died, who has been promoted, died, married or divorced. It is an amazing wealth of information, and for someone like me who is learning about the area, this is the place to be. It seems like the pool (which is approximately 15 feet x 25 feet) acts like a cocoon for the bathers, and all sense of privacy is lifted. The pool room itself allows a 4 foot perimeter around the pool, and a 20 foot ceiling that is acoustically perfect for hearing detail and innuendo. Therefore, what happens in the pool does not stay in the pool. Nothing is sacred in the pool. I'm having a ball.
I learned that a beloved local pastor passed away after deteriorating rather quickly. I was so happy to hear that his parish was busy baking and preparing food for the after-funeral reception, which is being held at the church. Some of the recipes discussed sounded quite wonderful, and I briefly considered attending the funeral so that I would qualify for the after-mourning feast, even though I had only met the Pastor once before, at a friend's funeral. You'll be happy to hear that I ruled that out, only because of the fact that I had to be at work during that time.
There are a number of people who take the time and effort to clean the snowmobile trails in anticipation of the imminent snow. This takes precedence over physical pain and possible damage to recuperating shoulders and knees. Snowmobiling is tops in everyone's life. You would be amazed at the little old ladies who are discussing their inability to still use pull-start snowmobiles and have had to switch to electric start, a very undesirable concession to age. This discussion went on for quite some time. When it was understood that I came from Caroga Lake, (yes I did share in the conversation) there were various responses and opinions as to the apparent snow belt that we live in. Caroga apparently gets snow when the rest of the free world is experiencing spring thaw. It somehow continues to snow here when lawns are being mowed 8 miles down the mountain in Johnstown, which explains why I am wearing turtlenecks to work in Gloversville, while I observe other proprietors still in flip flops and sleeveless tops. Weather is a huge topic in the pool, and the reports change daily. What the weather was, what was reported, what is forecast and who has had frost in their fields (us!) It is a microcosm of what is going on in the community and I have a front row seat (from 7:30 to 8:15 AM) At that point, I move to the gym area where conversations are more inclined to focus on exercises and the level of pain you are experiencing or have overcome. It is not as personal, or as interesting. It makes me want to get through the day and get back to the pool in the morning. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, I'm definitely interested in pricing a snowmobile. Apparently that is the universal mode of transportation once the snow flies, which according to my sources could be by mid-October. These patients, whose average age is 65, are still out there and participating in snowmobiling, ice fishing, downhill and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing and can willingly take on all that winter throws at them. These are the movers and shakers of the north country. These are not delicate snowbirds who run at the first sign of precipitation. These are frontiersmen and women. They are tough! They are rugged! They are in physical therapy! I am hoping I am up to the task. I got a ways to go. I'm cold already. Thank God the pool is maintained at 90 degreees. I'm not coming out till Spring. Would that be in June or July?

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