Friday, September 19, 2008

It's all good

Since I last wrote, I have been meeting with the physical therapist, enjoying a visit from Chuck and Pam, attending a swim meet, finishing up the bathroom decor and getting a job. For real. Physical therapy is the best thing that ever happened to me. And it is paid for by insurance. Who can believe it? The pool is 95 degrees and I swim for an hour doing exercises. Then I move to the gym where we do some exercises for a half hour (20 reps of each). The therapist helps with all of it, and then I get a shoulder massage. I mean really, this is rehab? No wonder Britney keeps going back - rehab is good.
My cousins Pam and Chuck were here for three days, and we had such a great time. We did alot, including cheering on Allison at her swim meet. She was thrilled to have us all there. Really. It was also an amazing moment to sit by the side of the lake and listen to the waves lapping against the rocks, watching the kayaker on the sun dappled water and just visiting with each other. We had alot of laughs about family and our shared memories. It was the best part of the visit, and I will think of that moment all winter long - a perfect crisp autumn morning. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. The other favorites are winter, spring and summer. At 35 degrees this morning, I'd say summer is definitely over. It didn't take long did it? Officially, the last day is Monday. Thermally, it's right now. brrrrrrrrr.
We've been dealing with mornings and the bus, and it fluctuates between lovely and cooperative and bitchy, screaming and late. I hate mornings with teenagers. It is just meant to be combative and stressful. Little do they know that this is as easy as it gets. Just meeting the bus and being prepared and on time. It doesn't get easier than that. Someone picking you up and dropping you at the door for your job. Not a bad gig.
I am now a gainfully employed COSTUMER. The job I got is at the Gloversville Costume Shop and it is a part-time position that deals with community theaters, local schools and community organizations for all their costuming needs. As last weekend was Johnstown's 250th Anniversary, they were very busy costuming for the parade where everyone was done up in colonial garb. They take their dress-ups very seriously, and I feel like I have landed in Oz. This is too much fun. It is a job that requires research for costuming book shows, and assisting the costumers for any needs they have. The place is huge and to say they have inventory is a total understatement. The place is incredible, and they pay me to go there. Woooooo Hoooooo! This will keep me getting out in the winter, and I will also get to meet all the people in the area who are interested in playing theater games. This is big news. I feel like I keep winning the lottery, over and over and over. If you had asked me two or three years ago if I was happy and optimistic you would have received a very different answer. Today, I am standing here with my honey looking at the best view in the world, observing and enjoying all the experiences of our kids and their partners and looking forward to everything tomorrow has to offer. We are blessed.
By the way, Fonda-Johnstown 91 - Hudson Falls 76 - WE WON!

How cool is that?

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