Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The Wheelerville School Bus showed up at 6:35 AM and Allison made it. It's a good thing. Our morning discussion went like this: "Are you watching the clock?" "Really Mom, I'm ready" Five minutes - "Let's Go, you're late". "Mom, would ya stop-I'm coming!". It isn't until I said "I hear your bus coming" that I actually saw her emerge from her room. She flew by, grabbed an apple and that fast was gone. This is the first day of high school, for the last time. I have no more little ones, so this little one markes everything FOR THE LAST TIME. I wonder if our kids realize the milestones that WE acknowledge? Probably not. We have different standards of memory importance. For us, it's the Last of things. Last day of Grammer School, Last day of Middle school. For the kids, it's the First of things. We look back, they look forward. It's a good mix. We balance each other.
I looked out the window this morning, and the leaves are definitely turning. Jerry is convinced that the pellet stove will be up and running by the 15th. I think it will be sooner, although this week is supposed to remain summer warm. It is getting much cooler at night though, on a regular basis. These are the days we wished for when we lived on Long Island. Staying here through the season transitions. We used to arrive after the changes were done. We'd leave Labor day and come back sometime in October to see the leaves at peak. Leave in summer, come back in fall, Leave in fall, come back in Winter. It was a monthly change of seasons. Now we get to watch the change, day by day. It is awesome. We have been so lucky all summer. To have the opportunity to be here throughout all the changes, and participate in all of it. For me, it has been rejuvenating. I must have some gypsy in me.
Speaking of gypsys, yesterday was Move the Furniture Day. It is something that I do, just because. I've even done it in a trailer - hard to believe. We call it the family curse, or the family gift, depending on how you look at it. I usually try to give the house a good organizational cleaning when school starts. Off to a good start and all that. I feel that to really clean, you must move furniture away from where it has sat for awhile. This allows a good vacuuming underneath, plus retrieval of lost items. And since the furniture has been moved a little, why not move it alot and change it's placement? It gives new perspective on a room, and allows for some creative changes. Each time I move the funiture I think "this is the way the room looks best". We live with it for awhile, and then the need to rearrange strikes again. Poor Jerry. He sees it as a curse, because he's doing the heavy lifting. Little did he know he married into a family of rearrangers from way back. We Rowlands did Trading Spaces long before it was popular. We have moved furniture interstate (this couch would look good in my house - I'll see your couch and raise you one hutch - DONE!) My children have inherited this gift (gift I say!) It strikes at the oddest times. But once you start it is thrilling - the possibilities are endless. I can't imagine setting up a room and leaving it that way - forever. I used to try to get the Chief to change around his furniture. He wouldn't buy it. I had to make small changes while he was away on vacation or a business trip. But I did it anyway. It's in my blood. I should go to work for Levitz.
Jerry has turned on the scanner and we are listening in on the conversations between the dispatchers and the bus drivers. Brilliant. We are also finding out who is out of school today. I guess when they pick you up at the door, you need to let them know if you're not coming. I never thought of that. Go Jerry.
Just another quiet day at Blue Line Farm.

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