Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Age vs. Beauty

Today I was offered the Senior Citizen Discount - 55 and over, at a shop in Gloversville. Just shoot me. I am perfectly happy to embrace my accurate age. 50. There. It's mine, and I own it. However, 55? I was actually cleaned up for work too. Sometimes I run into town for a thing or two, and maybe have been working at home or outside, I don't pay alot of attention to what I have on, or even what I look like. It happens. I expect to be mis-identified as an elderly woman. It's amazing what moisturizer will do for you - when you aren't using it, it is possible to be pretty scary. However, this was not a moisturizer-free moment. I was made up to go to work, and assumed I was putting my best foot (or is it face?) forward. And then I was offered the discount. WTF? That was all I could think. It was a rough moment in my day. It will be a rough moment for me for a few days. I just said "No", not "ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?" I thought I handled it beautifully actually. I just was not prepared to take on the embarassment twice. The first time in my own head, and then again when the salesgirl was mortified for me, and for herself. I just couldn't take it. I am past the point of being able to laugh at it. I am offended. Color me sensitive, but I would like to at least look good for my age. Whatever that age may be. But to be mis-aged is an awful error. It takes away those years without the benefit of having lived or enjoyed them. I don't mind looking my age, I earned that. Every wrinkle and roll is mine. I lived it, I loved it, and now I look it. That's totally OK. But don't add a few years to me, if you don't mind. And certainly not FIVE! I will most thoroughly be offended. And what was that girl thinking? It's almost as bad as being asked "when are you due?" when the only thing due you is another Twinkie. That hurts too, and yes, I have been asked that brilliant question once in my life. The styles were swing dresses and I had one on. Last time I wore that little number. Tossed it in the trash as soon as I got home. What do I throw out now? My moisturizer? Well, I'm now off for a facial and beauty sleep. Apparently, not a moment too soon.

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