Friday, August 29, 2008

So much for feeling better. I guess all the "manipulation" of my arm was a step in the right direction, but a painful one. There's a reason they sent me home with a prescription for pain - OUCH!
Allison got dropped at practice this morning and barely made it into the school. We are all feeling the effects of a rainy and dismal morning, and sleeping in would have been my first choice. As all parents know, when your child joins an activity, so do you. We are all up and at em way earlier in the morning than we would prefer. But I do know that once the animals get here (dare I say IF?) we will be up and at em even sooner. I look forward to that day, perhaps I am naive? I'm sure if it is 20 below and I have to get out to the barn, I will not be skipping in joy. I know myself better than that. However, I seem to be able to pull myself up by my bootstraps when it comes to the animals. They say having a pet adds 7 years to your life. So, between Jake and Daphne, I'd say I'm up 14. Not bad. If I can add a few more pets (alpaca, goats) to the mix, I should live a good long time. That's the master plan.
Interracting with animals always lifts your spirits, even just a little. If you have a pet, you know from which I speak. We once had a serious deathbed scene here at the cabin, and Jackie can tell you, it was serious. Poor Daphne had apparently been stung or bitten by something outside. A wasp or spider perhaps? Anyway, being small, she went down fast. Jerry had been walking her, and she just lay down in the grass and stopped. She could not get up, nor was her breathing strong. She was down. He picked her up and brought her inside. When he lay her down on her bed, she just stayed there, breathing shallow and looking panicked. She was unable to move. I picked her up in my arms and got hysterical. (Always the helpful adult in these situations). I just cried and cried and held her. It was one of the most pathetic scenes you have ever seen. We didn't know if Daphne had had a stroke or what. Jackie, who had never been a big fan of Daphne, became her biggest champion. She cried right along with me. While we were sobbing, Jerry was on the phone to the vet on Long Island. He called us back right away, as his service had reached him weekending in the Catskills (I knew I liked that guy). He told us to give her a bit of benadryl, which we did. After about 1/2 hr., Daphne started to respond to us somewhat. She was clearly wiped out, but had lost that glazed look in her eyes. She must have had some type of reaction to a bite or sting and really come close to death. Ever since then, I have cut Daphne an incredible amount of slack in my behavior expectations. Any time she screws up or is just plain rotten, which happens on occasion, I just overlook it, because I know how I would respond if she were to be taken from us. It's a little melodramatic, but hey, she's my baby too. Even Jackie likes Daphne now - deathbed scenes will do that. We are reminded of what we might lose. So, bad behavior aside, Daphne is forgiven in advance of all her transgressions. Which means today, when she refuses to go outside because of the Rain, which she hates, I will put the wee wee pad down in the kitchen and hope that she uses it. Because she is Daphne.
That's all folks - it's pickup time. Back to school I go. Have a sunny day.

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