Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hot chocolate anyone? We're here in the kitchen and really feeling those 40 degrees. Summer in the Adirondacks. The swim team practice went well. Not all the girls were there, as there are two practice options. 8-10 in the morning, or 4-6 in the evening. Allison is going to try the evening practice to see who shows there tonight. Many of the girls were not in her grade, and it appears that most of the 9th graders attend practice at night. So, that is where she will go tonight. But all in all, it was a successful practice and swim team looks like a good choice. We are watching the grass carefully. The cold weather is not particularly good for the seed, but it is coming up slowly. We are making great strides in the bathroom renovation, and I have to admit (I Know, I know) that Jerry was able to find the necessary pipe in question. He is graciously not driving home his point. I like that guy. The sun seems more brilliant in the afternoons, and less effective in the mornings. I guess this is the slow end to the season. There are only six racing days left at Saratoga (remember Tuesdays). But we are looking forward to the Fulton County fair this weekend. My favorite is the livestock area, and the 4H projects. It will be different this year because we are "residents", not "visitors". I think that is a nice thing. I'm starting to feel northeast pride. Even AAA has a new location for us - it is AAA Northway. We're no longer mid-atlantic, but northeast. Who knew? It is probably the first labor day weekend since we've been vacationing and living here that we have no visitors. Just the three of us. Who will ride the crazy rides with Allison? My crazy ride days are over. I used to jump on the roller coasters and loop di loop rides without thinking about it. It was great and I loved it. Then, as I got older, I started to feel a little loop di loopy myself when I got off the rides. The last ride I was on with Allison was ten years ago when I took her on a tilt-a-wheel at St. Rocco's Feast in Glen Cove. I thought my brain had come dislodged and was swishing around in my head. That was it. I swore off rides forever. And now we are heading into the ride mecca of the northeast - a county fair. eeeek. I can't do it. I won't do it. But if Allison can't go on the rides because no one is here, I might do it. Or maybe Jerry and I will take turns so we can help each other off when we're falling down. We'll see - it should be fun!

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