Friday, July 4, 2008

Adirondack AC

We sit here on the 4th of July with a fire crackling in the wood-burning cook stove - in the kitchen. Here at Blue Line Farm it is cold. Well, cold for July - 58 degrees this morning at 7:30. We are thoroughly enjoying the weather here. For a couple who are clearly thermally incompatible, the north country is pleasing to both of us. I can sit in the sun during the day and bake. The heat and warmth can get into the 80's routinely. It is beautiful. At night, the temperature drops 20 or 30 degrees, and Jerry is completely comfortable. I can bundle up in sweats, wool socks and down comforters. We can both be happy about the climate - just at different times of the day. Still, it is a vast improvement over our Long Island summers. When the thermometer was over 80 degrees, the windows slammed shut and the AC went on. Jerry would cool off inside, and I would sit outside on the patio. Alone. Both of us. The temperature didn't change alot from day to night. There was maybe a five or six day window in June when we were both truly comfortable with the temperature - without intervention. But for now, we're both enjoying this climate. So far, so good. Adirondack AC - wait till the sun goes down.

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